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Breeding Program

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What is
Compassionate Breeding?

At Sporting Life Kennels, we aim to raise our dogs with outstanding bloodlines and quality lives. Our goal is to make sure that our dogs are cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally. British Labs get very attached to their owners which led us to develop our Care Program.

Sporting Life Kennel’s Care Program allows us to work with families within 2 hours of our kennel in Oxford, MS. This gives the dog a foster family, opportunities to hunt, and a high quality of life. In exchange for being able to breed the dog and raise her puppies at Sporting Life Kennels, the family gets a trained female, worth several thousand dollars and ongoing gun dog training and support.



CARE Family:

The Lantrap Family 

Olive Branch, MS



CARE Family:

The Beckham Family

Olive Branch, MS



CARE Family:

Hunter Ziegler, Jr.

Memphis, TN



CARE Family:

The Dean Family

Germantown, TN



CARE Family:

Wesley Walker

Starkville, MS



CARE Family:

The Brown Family

Tupelo, MS



CARE Family:

The Ragsdale Family

Batesville, MS



CARE Family:

The Barrett Family

Jackson, MS

“I’ve had a Sporting Life Kennels Care Program dog since 2016 and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. You get a fully trained gun dog and in turn, she gets to hunt and live in a loving home.  Sioux can lay by the pool with the kids or chase mallards in the Arkansas timber. It’s a win for everyone.”

Garrett Willams

Sporting Life Kennels

Indian Outlaw, “Sioux”

“In the five years we have had Penny, she has loved her hunts with Alec, cooking in the kitchen with Ellen and nurturing her puppies she has had. Ellen and I have both loved being a part of Penny’s life while having puppies. We could not be more thankful for our best friend, who makes our family whole! Without the care program, our life with Penny would not have been possible.”

Alec Ossorio

Rockenhart’s Got your
Small Change, “Penny”
“The Care program with Cedar introduced us to what a well-bred lab could be. After getting a one-year-old dog as a started dog which eventually turned into the care program, we told ourselves, ‘This is amazing! We will never have a puppy again.’ Little did we know that 7 years later as Cedar started to show some age, we would be bringing a Sporting Life Kennel puppy into our home. Marty has created a great program. He goes to great efforts to make sure that the dogs will be well-cared for and that the families will have a rewarding experience with their dog.”

Ryan & Lexie


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