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Started Dogs

Started Dog Program

SLK Started Dogs

Through the years, SLK has trained many Started Dogs. We are always trying to find new and better ways to improve all of our programs. And because of this, we now have designed a program where Foster Families (Puppy Partners) take seven week old puppies, and raise them, socialize them, and do Puppy training until the puppies are approximately six months old when they come back to SLK to formally train.

At that point, we have found they are more balanced, and ready to learn more so than puppies that have been raised in a Kennel environment only. In other words, they have been set up to succeed in life and with their new families going forward.

Early Puppy Development Includes:

  • Create Training

  • Socialization inside the house

Once they are back at SLK for formal training They will learn:

  • Fully obedience trained

    • Sit 

    • Stay

    • Here

    • Heel

    • Down

    • Place

    •  Here whistle

    • etc.

  • Steady to shot

  • Multiple retrieves

  • Working out of a boat & on land

  • Working off of a portable dog stand

  • Working out of a duck blind on water

  • Working out of our duck pit

  • Force Fetched... We force fetch lightly with a lot of praise thrown in.

  • E-Collar Conditioned: We collar condition lightly. Our goal is a bold happy dog.

  • Exposure to decoys

  • Picking up simulated cripples

  • **Upland Training is an option, as well**

But most importantly they will have tons of human interaction and exposed to new environments.
We have chosen this over traditional started dog programs where the puppy is raised in a kennel setting and can but not always have quirks when they get out into the real world. Much like a child raised in an orphanage as opposed to a home.

Our Started dogs are expected to be Happy, Bold, show self control, and be crazy about hunting and loving people. In other words we want them "Calm but Ready".

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