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We like happy dogs. No two dogs are alike, so we tailor our program to fit each dog as an individual. You tell us what you'd like to see in your gundog and we will personalize the program to fit your needs. Our goal is to help create companions that you can be proud to take anywhere.

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Retriever Training Programs

Basic Gundog

We feel most of the time, but not always, that a pup should hunt the first season not really handling yet (blinds with hand signals etc).

The first season should be about learning what it is all about and gaining confidence. The sites, smells, sounds, environments are all new. Just like a child, start them slow and build them up over time. 

We feel that after their basic training and their first season they should be ready to finish. 


  • Fully obedience trained: sit, stay here, heel, down, place, here whistle etc.

  • Steady to shot

  • Multiple retrieves

  • Working out of a boat & on land

  • Working off of a portable dog stand

  • Working out of a duck blind on water

  • Working out of our duck pit

  • Force Fetched... We force fetch lightly with a lot of praise thrown in.

  • E-Collar Conditioned: We collar condition lightly. Our goal is a bold happy dog.

  • Exposure to decoys

  • Picking up simulated cripples

  • **Upland Training is an option, as well**


4-6 Months


Advanced Retriever Program

In our opinion, there is nothing like hunting with a fully finished retriever. Our program is set up to teach Blind retrieves in an efficient and successful manner. We not only teach the dog but we also coach the owner on how to continue the dog's growth after they leave SLK.

Our goal is a Bold Confident Finished dog that loves to work. When we are through you should be proud of the work your dog has completed and look forward to the upcoming seasons for the rest of their career. 


  • Casting

    • Left/Right backs

    • Overs

    • Angle Backs

  • Long Memory Retrieves

  • Pile Work

  • Site Blinds

  • Pattern Blinds on land and water.

  • T Drill on Land and Water

  • No Bird Drills

  • Cold Blinds on Land and Water.


4-6 Months

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