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I have watched Marty’s breeding and training program since he started Sporting Life Kennels in 2008. The short story is Marty has figured it out and has the best dog in the country! The combination of breeding genetics (which the importance cannot be overstated) and an effective, repeatable training program has taken my retriever training way past what I thought possible.

Richard Morrow

Marty Roberts is a Southern Gentleman. his depth of character is reflected in the quality of the dog I purchased from him. His training engendered a dog that is gentle, sensitive, obedient, and a pleasure to be with. Yet Marty's gun dog training is trans-formational. Will, the dog I purchased from him, becomes energetic, focused, and driven when the whistle or bumper comes out. It's as if he has the internal switch that goes off when it is time to work. Will really has two personalities - and easy to be with, comfortable pal, and a hard-working, obedient servant. I highly recommend buying one of Marty's dogs.

Jerrold J. Merchant, PH.D

We bought Cane as a puppy from Sporting life kennels and then sent him back to be trained. Cane is now 2 1/2 years old. Choosing a new puppy was quite a process for the family. I like to hunt and have owned labs for years, but the family wanted a pet more than a retriever. We bought Cane from Marty with the hope that he might live up the hype of the British lab and be good at both. Little did I know just how unique he would be. As a family dog, he has no equal. He is energetic, funny, happy and loving. He learns faster than any dog I have ever known. This is one very smart, very special dog. 

Steve Hemperley

A huge thank you to Marty Roberts and staff. We could not be happier with our new boy Deacon. The training he received was second to none. Marty took his time demonstrating Deacon’s skills and helped us practice them ourselves. His passion and love for his dogs is evident in all that he says and does. Deacon is amazing- not only will he be great picking up ducks for my husband, but bringing love and comfort to people as a therapy dog. If anyone is in need of a top shelf retriever that is also a great family dog, look no further. Sporting Life Kennels motto is calm but ready, and it is spot on!! Thanks again Marty. Deacon & our experience at Sporting Life was worth the 1500 mile drive home to Chandler, Arizona from Oxford, Mississippi. Looking forward to going back for our next pup someday!!

Chris Gridley

I recently picked up a started dog from Marty and the experience was incredible.  I choose to purchase a started dog from Sporting Life Kennels based on their reputation and incredible studs and dams. The feedback I was given by other customers of Marty's was impressive and 5 stars. It made my decision easier to go with Sporting Life Kennels. 
The day finally came after months of anticipation to pick up my new dog. The entire experience at the facility was top notch. Marty and his team spent several hours with me going over all that Tiller had learned and took their time making sure I understood all his commands and proper techniques to continue his training.
The knowledge of Marty and his trainers are second to none. My expectations were met and exceeded with the new dog. He has been a welcome addition to our family.  Tiller's switch from working dog to house dog is amazing.  
If your considering a new puppy/started/ or finished dog contact the team at SLK!

Kevin Dietrich

I have had my SLK dog now for almost 4 years.  I am as happy with Saint as the day I picked him up.  Marty describes his dogs as "calm but ready".  This is a very accurate description.  Saint is a wonderful companion as he is easy going, very calm, and well behaved around the house.  He has taken numerous long (5-7 hours) hunting road trips with me, and he sits/lays patiently in the back seat.  He also sits quietly in the duck or goose blind, even when 10 shotguns going off sounds like Armageddon.  But oh man when he's given the green light to retrieve he is all business.  52 pounds of hard charging, never give up, goose running down machine!  One of my favorite memories of him was as a 2 year old he picked up 38 ducks and he broke ice for 2 hours doing it.  Several of those retrieves were well over 100 yards.  He went after the 38th duck just as hard as he did the 1st.  He never broke and never barked and never refused a command.  I attribute this to the outstanding genetics of the dogs at SLK and the incredible training he received from Marty and his staff.  Thank you Marty for a wonderful addition to our family.

Chip Pillow

I have known Marty and his staff for several years now and am constantly amazed at the impressive things they do daily. They have trained one of my dogs and assisted in the training of another. Also, they have the cleanest kennels in the south! I know firsthand

Neal Mandrell

Marty and his staff develop outstanding gundogs and companions. He approaches the dogs with compassion and a solid understanding of how dogs think and learn, and they breed with care to ensure healthy trainable pups with a ton of drive.

Mike Falkner

I had the pleasure of hunting over several labs Marty and David had trained at SLK and I just had to have one. Sweet Lucy is not my first trained lab, but she is definitely the best. "Calm but ready" is not just a slogan, it is a reality. Tough as nails in the field and the sweetest pet and friend at home. Many thanks to SLK!!

WalkEr Hayes

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