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Obedience Training


First and foremost "We want Happy Dogs"

At SLK we love all breeds and take joy in shaping puppies to be the best companions they can be for a lifetime of fulfillment for both dog and his/her family. We believe that just like children, puppies need to learn their boundaries and what is right and wrong in their behavior.

We take joy in seeing the transformation in confused, hyper, and or rowdy puppies into calm, eager to please, family members.

We do this not by squashing the dog's personality, but by shaping it and giving it boundaries where it can thrive.

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Obedience Training Programs

General Obedience Program


  • Loose leash walking

  • Heel (On & Off leash)

  • Sit / Stay

  • Lay Down

  • Place

  • Free (Release from Place)

  • Recall Off Leash (Here & Whistle) 

  • Heel (Off Leash)

  • Close

  • No Jumping 

  • e-Collar conditioned


6 - 8 Weeks

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